Poetry (Selected)

‘PG Tips’ in Oxford Brookes Poetry Centre’s Poem of the Week series

‘Finding my dad in a can of baked beans’ and ‘Can I throw this one away and start again?’ in harana poetry

‘The Palm Wine Tapper’ and ‘The Pastor’s Wife’ in Tentacular

‘Imaginative Play’ in Magma

‘hotboxing’ in The Poetry Review

‘What Sisyphus Knew’ in Anthropocene

‘Peeling’ in Finished Creatures

‘Endomorphosis’ in petrichor

‘Sister Wives’ in Lammergeier

‘Plantain’ in We’ve Done Nothing Wrong. We’ve Nothing To Hide (Verve Poetry Press)

‘Daybreak’ in 20.35 Africa: An Anthology of Contemporary Poetry, Vol. 2 (20.35 Africa)

‘Blouse an Skirt’ in Musings and Metaphors: Revolution, Evolution and Devolution (The Caribbean Writer)


‘The Cave’ in Moko Magazine

‘The Motorcycle’ in AFREADA

‘The Market’ in Litro

‘Driftwood’ in Riggwelter Press


‘The Hurricane’s Roar’ in harana poetry